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From the Central Highlands of Vietnam...

Vietnam has a rich 150-year tradition of coffee cultivation and unique roasting and brewing methods. Coffee cultivation was brought to Vietnam by French Jesuits towards the end of the 19th century in the area around Da Lat, due to its rich soils and 1600m elevation, planting heritage Arabica coffees that still flourish there today.

The lower highlands of Vietnam are more suitable for growing Robusta coffees. High quality Robusta peaberries offer a different taste experience and add complexity and the unique dark, 'chocolatey' Vietnamese character to many of the blended coffees.

We are sorry that several items are now out of stock. Our latest consignment from Vietnam has been delayed due to disruptions of the world shipping system caused by coronavirus. We now expect our ship in port on 14 May, and stock in our warehouse by 21 May.

Now available in Europe - for you to experience the unique flavours and aromas of gourmet Vietnamese coffee...


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