About Dragon Coffee

Dragon Coffee is a trading name of Dragon e-Business Ltd., a web marketing company based in Cardiff, UK. Our associate business is Dragon Travel, a tour operator specialising in travel to the countries of South-East Asia.

A few years ago, whilst travelling in Vietnam, we stopped by Andong Market in Ho-Chi-Minh City for some coffee to bring home. We asked for the best they had, and we got it. It was Trung Nguyên's Sang Tao 8 ('Creative 8') also known as 'Legendee' or Cà phê chôn.

Since then, many clients who have travelled with us to Vietnam and tried Vietnamese coffee have enquired where they can buy it in the UK.

The answer is - here!

Let us introduce you to one of life's lesser-known pleasures...

...or, of course, if you like the idea of travelling to the source, just click on the suitcase!